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On this page you'll find some of the resources I have found helpful in my business and personal journey, including books, software and online courses on all sorts of things from well-being to launching. This is quite a long page, so feel free to jump to the relevant section below. And I'll be adding to it as I discover new toys and tools so feel free to pop back when you have time. 

Just a heads up, some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I might get a commission if you buy something via a link on this page. But don't worry, I'll only recommend things I know and love, or that have helped people I know and love. And it will NEVER cost you more than if you went direct. 

Get Organised


Evernote is a great little resource that allows you to save and access everything in one place, which you can then access from different devices. You can take notes, save web pages you want to go back to later, or photograph and save receipts and business cards, and more that I haven't thought of. The basic version is free. Click here to try it out


Most business women I know have a crazy to-do list, and keeping track of tasks can take up a load of brain space that could be put to better use in other parts of your business. For me, Trello is a great tool as it provides a nice visual way to track all your tasks in one place. And the basic version is FREE ๐Ÿ™‚ Try it out for free here


Calendly makes booking clients really simple. There is a free version (only one appointment type) but with the premium version you can have lots of different appointment types with different availability. Check it out here

Acuity Scheduling

Another appointment booking software, Acuity Scheduling provides plenty of appointment options. You can get your clients to pay for their sessions or pay for a package/programme and Acuity will track how many sessions are left. It's a great too especially if you have lots of 121 clients. Try it out here

Grow Your Email List


This is the email service provider I use to grow and contact my list. Having used quite a few different ones, I find it one of the easier, more intuitive, ones to use and there are lots of ways to easily integrate it with other software. You also get the chance to play with it for free with a 14 Day Free Trial. Click here to try it out

Free ConvertKit Training 

If you like the look of ConvertKit and want help getting started and making the most of it, check out Elizabeth Goddard. Elizabeth was one of the first four Convertkit Certified Experts and is a flippin' ConvertKit Queen! She's created a FREE 40-minute training video for beginners, an online course and even a membership community for ConvertKit users who are ready to dive a bit deeper. Click the links below to find her training: 


Get Better At Sales & Marketing

Selling From The Heart with Catherine Watkin

Catherine Watkin created Selling from the Heart to help online business owners to sell in an authentic way so that more clients say "Yes please" to working with them. If you want to get more clients without having to resort to "icky" sales techniques and actually start enjoying sales, then I can't think of anyone better to work with than Catherine. Once a year, Catherine runs her Get More Clients Saying Yes Programme, but the best places to start are with her free Authentic Sales Style Quiz and/or her free "7 Steps to Yes" video mini-training series. Click the links below: 

Lizzy's "Easy Guide" Online Trainings

As well as her fab Convertkit Training (above) Elizabeth Goddard has created these fab mini-trainings about specific topics related to online business. If you want to learn more about a specific topic to get you started, without spending thousands on an online course, check them out below: 


Make The Most Of Your Strengths & Talents

Wealth Dynamics

The Wealth Dynamics profile gave me a whole new perspective on how I work, why I behave in certain ways, and why I'm great at some stuff and not so great at others. Rather than being about a "label" it's about understanding my strengths and making the most of them so that I can enjoy life (and business) a LOT more. Click here to take your Wealth Dynamics Profile test.

Website Domains, Hosting & Design

1+1 - Hosting & Domains

I use 1&1 for my website domains and hosting. I've used them for quite a few years now and have found their customer service to be excellent whenever I've needed extra technical support with the "backend" side of things, which is really important for me. Visit the 1&1 website here.