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Sara Louise Fox, The Feel Good Business Woman

My First Quarterly Feel Good Business Review

Can you believe that a quarter of the year has passed already? It’s officially Spring, the clocks have sprung forward (here in the UK), and Easter has been and gone - even if there are a few Easter eggs still lying around. I thought I’d take the chance to take stock and reflect on how the year is going so far.

One of my clients - Business consultant, Denyse Whillier - swears by her quarterly business review as a cornerstone that helps her make consistent progress in her business, so I thought I'd follow her lead. However, rather than going for a business review in the traditional sense - this being The Feel Good Business Woman and all - I’ve decided to focus on the 7 feel good factors that are important to my personal business journey: fun, freedom, fulfilment, finances, vitality, connection, and balance (not in order of priority).

Today I'm sharing my quarterly review with you, in the hope that it will inspire you to do the same so you can ensure that you are consistently making progress towards having a feel-good business. 

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Clockwise from the left. Highlights from 2017: my wedding, moving to the seaside, and having a business flexible enough to do things my way (yes, often in coffee shops)

Coming Clean On 2017 – A Year In Review

Successes, Lessons Learned And looking Forward to 2018

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I don’t know about you, but 2017 was a roller-coaster year for me. Maybe this shouldn’t have surprised me, as life as a business owner is full of highs and lows at the best of times, but throw a house move and a wedding into the mix and that makes for a full-on year.

I spent a couple of days doing some planning before Christmas and took the opportunity to review 2017, inspired by this article by Anna Hunt on the importance of closing one cycle well before entering a new one. Here some of are my insights from following her process, both personal and professional (because they are never rarely exclusive).

Health warning: This is a longer post than usual, so you may want to make a cuppa before you get started.

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