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Design Your Ideal Day

Design Your Ideal Day

So, I didn't quite manage to get a blog out last week, but I'm not sorry, because the day I had scheduled in to write the blog turned out to be my ideal day. You know the kind, one of those days in my business that feel a bit magical. 

I went to The Joy Coach, Lynn Hord's, Joy Jam Sessions networking event. This was followed by a good few hours of "unofficial" networking. Then in the evening as I was approaching my parent's house, I caught my mum on her way out of the door on her way to see a friend of ours in a local production of a musical. When asked if I wanted to tag along it was a no-brainer!

Why am I telling you this? It's not just an excuse for not having written a blog last week (honest!) but I wanted to share it with you because 
I'm hoping it will inspire you to design your own ideal day too...

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Laughing, colourful woman

Are You Having Enough Fun?

Making Fun "Business As Usual"

Do you every feel like you are taking life and business a bit too seriously? Does it sometimes seem like laughter and lightheartedness are relegated to the weekends (assuming you give yourself a weekend)? Do you have a slight sense of dread when Monday morning comes around... and then feel a bit guilty because that's not how you're "supposed" to feel when you have your own business?

Well don't worry, you're not alone. I know that there were periods in my business life when I took things FAR too seriously. And it's a trap you can fall into all too easily - after all, there's just so much to DO! 

But it IS possible to, not only make more time for the fun stuff, but also to make it a part of your business so that you get joy out of working on and in your business too. and I believe this is actually essential for you AND your business. So today I'm not only sharing why it's so important to have fun, but also four ways to make fun part of your "business as usual."

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The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp

Can Making Money Be Easy & Fun?

I’m a great believer in making business easier and more fun. After all it’s my mission to help as many women in business like you to enjoy the business journey and make time for the things that feel good so that you can avoid burnout and keep going to make your difference in the world. One of the things I’m looking into right now is affiliate marketing.

I don’t mean the icky, in your face, ram it down your throat, affiliate marketing that might spring to mind. I mean simply sharing things that I love, that have genuinely helped me and/or my friends in our lives or business, and getting paid for it. Most of us do that quite naturally, so why not get a share of the profit in return?

As Elizabeth Goddard says (I’ll introduce her in a moment): “Affiliate marketing is the ultimate form of passive income.”  And I’m inclined to agree.

I’m not about to start giving you lots of tips on how to do affiliate marketing, because I’m only just starting my journey and learning how to do it myself. But I want to share a quick and effective way that you can learn about it for yourself so that you can give it a go and create another stream of income.

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beautiful stationary

7 Reasons There Is Still A Place For Beautiful Stationary In A Digital World

I Love Beautiful Stationary!

So it hurt a little bit inside when I made the decision to move over from a beautiful hard cover diary to using an online calendar.

I had tried it before, and missed my diary so much that I went back to my gorgeous Paperblanks diary. It was my third double-booking in as many weeks that pushed me back towards the online function, because I found I was much more organised (and my handbag much lighter) if I had appointments in an online space that I could use on my phone.

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