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Like a boss cup

You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup

Over the years I've learnt to better manage my energy and spot the signs that I'm feeling run down earlier. I believe this has been key to avoiding the colds and flus that come around - particularly at this time of year.

I believe in working better and feeling good, and getting sick doesn't help with any of that. If you're getting sick regularly, it might be because you're trying to "pour from an empty cup," trying to give more to everyone else (clients, kids, significant others, you name it) than to yourself. You may not think of yourself as being burnt out, but getting ill - whether it's through headaches, migraines, colds, or infections - is often like a "mini-burnout." That's a guaranteed way of interrupting your fun and fruitfulness.

So here are three ways of keeping yourself "topped up" so that you are less likely to have those "mini-burnouts" that could stop you in your tracks...

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