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How can you find an extra hour a day?

Could You Find An Extra Hour Every Day?

Do you feel like you don't have enough time in your day for the things you have to do, never mind the things that feel good? Does the idea of having an extra hour feel like you'd need some kind of time-travel machine to make it happen? 

Since time is the top obstacle busy business women tell me is stopping them from doing the things that feel good, I have a little challenge for you. If you find yourself regularly saying you're too busy, or don't have enough time, I'm inviting you to challenge yourself to find an extra hour in your day. Will you take up the challenge?

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Woman slumped over her computer

Are You On The Brink Of Burnout?

Burnout can seem like an extreme term - we imagine people literally collapsing from exhaustion or having a nervous breakdown. So it may not feel like it applies to you.

However, I have worked with lots of busy business women throughout my own business life, first as a personal trainer and then as a virtual assistant. And there's one thing I've noticed that many of them have in common...

They are functioning on the brink of burnout! Are you? 

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Maria Watson, The Details Director

3 Simple Automations To Decrease Your Workload & Free Up Your Time

(Which You Can Set Up Today!)

In my last blog I talked about the 4 types of tasks you should ditch, decrease or delegate to help you create more time in your day for the things you love (whether work or play). Maybe this seems like a fantasy, but it is possible. So, this week I wanted to share some practical tips that will not only help you to decrease the amount of time you spend on those tasks that are sapping your time and energy, but they'll even make delegation much easier.

Since one of my lessons from last year was that it is wise not to try and do everything myself, I decided to ask an expert. And there’s no one better than Maria Watson, who is known as The Details Director for a good reason. Processes are basically her “superpower” and she loves helping business owners to create systems, processes and order in their business. Today Maria is sharing three simple automations that you can set up today to decrease your workload and free up your time and head space.

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