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Can Making Money Be Easy & Fun?

I’m a great believer in making business easier and more fun. After all it’s my mission to help as many women in business like you to enjoy the business journey and make time for the things that feel good so that you can avoid burnout and keep going to make your difference in the world. One of the things I’m looking into right now is affiliate marketing.

I don’t mean the icky, in your face, ram it down your throat, affiliate marketing that might spring to mind. I mean simply sharing things that I love, that have genuinely helped me and/or my friends in our lives or business, and getting paid for it. Most of us do that quite naturally, so why not get a share of the profit in return?

As Elizabeth Goddard says (I’ll introduce her in a moment): “Affiliate marketing is the ultimate form of passive income.”  And I’m inclined to agree.

I’m not about to start giving you lots of tips on how to do affiliate marketing, because I’m only just starting my journey and learning how to do it myself. But I want to share a quick and effective way that you can learn about it for yourself so that you can give it a go and create another stream of income.


The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp

Before I continue (and in case you were wondering), yes, this article on affiliate marketing includes affiliate links. That means I may get some extra pocket money if you buy something via a link on this page. The good news is that I’m only sharing this something because I think it’s awesome and believe it could make a real difference. 

The Lazy Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Not too long ago I attended Elizabeth Goddard’s online training, The Lazy Guide To Affiliate Marketing, and it was awesome. It was to the point, easy to understand, and I learned more about affiliate marketing in 90 minutes than I had in the last 7 years of having my own business in one form or another.

Then I got the news that Elizabeth (aka Lizzy) is making it even better, by turning her training into a mini “bootcamp” to get you taking fast action on what she teaches. I got so excited that I decided, “I’m in!” and signed up straight away because (confession alert) I can be great at watching or listening to awesome online training but not taking any action afterwards. So, this is the thing I was waiting for.

We start on Monday, and I’d love you to join me. Here’s why:

Why Learn Affiliate Marketing?

I’m sure there are lots of experts who could give you proper professional sounding reasons to learn affiliate marketing with statistics and everything, but I simply want to share my top three reasons:

#1 - It's "The Ultimate Form Of Passive Income"

To quote Lizzy again, it is! We all dream of earning money in our sleep, or those magic PayPal “pings” on our phone telling us that we just got paid without having to do anything. Most of us think that we have to create or deliver something to make that happen, putting in lots of hard graft upfront, but what if someone else did the creation for us and all we had to do was share it with our community. And the great thing is, you only need to share things you love and truly believe in. That sounds good to me!

#2 - It Could Take The Pressure Off

If you’re totally relying on your own products and services to pay the bills, it can create an awful lot of pressure. Especially if you’re currently swapping time for money – because that puts a real cap on how much money you can make. I know that, if you’re like me, you’re not just in business for the money but having more of it gives you a lot more choices in life. What if affiliate marketing could provide another stream of income, which means that you’re not under pressure to be constantly pushing a new “thing” all the time just to pay the bills? Wouldn’t that make life a bit easier?

#3 - It Would Free Up Your Time

As I write this, my business is mainly a “time for money” swap through the work I do with my VA clients. But I have plans sister! I want to write more, create more, dance more, learn more, travel more, be more and do more in my own business and life in general. However, I’ve been struggling to find the time without risking a significant chunk of income when I take time off. If that resonates with you, affiliate marketing could create some of that income without using up so much time, so you could drop the time-swap (or at least reduce it) to do more of what you really want to do.

One More Thing

I love the book “The ONE Thing” by Gary Keller, and I often quote the big question that he asks: “What ONE Thing would make everything else easier or unnecessary?” When it comes to creating income, I get the feeling that, when done right, affiliate marketing could be that thing. That’s why I’m doing The Lazy Guide To Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp.

And I want to learn it through Lizzy because not only is she a pretty cool person but I like the way she does her own affiliate marketing. It doesn’t feel sleazy. It doesn’t feel salesy. It doesn’t feel like I’m being bombarded with “stuff” all the time. It just feels like she cares about me as a member of her community and would love me to experience something that she loves if I want to. As a result, when I do buy something she recommends, I’m happy for her to get a chunk of whatever I’m paying and it doesn’t cost me anything extra! What a nice way to do affiliate marketing, don't you think? 🙂

Lizzy is also one of the women I would definitely describe as a “Feel Good Business Woman” – she seems to have fun with her business, playing with new ideas and ways of delivering value, and she regularly takes time to travel and explore different corners the world. So, I’m happy to learn from her and to introduce her to you!

How Does The Bootcamp Work?

The full course content for The Lazy Guide To Affiliate Marketing will be released on Monday, 26th March 2018. You'll then be invited to join Lizzy for two x 2-hour co-working sessions during the week so you can dedicate the (small) amount of time you need to laying the groundwork for your lazy affiliate marketing efforts. There'll be specific 'challenges' in the course, so you'll know exactly what to be working on, with checklists to keep you on track. You’ll also get to join 'Team EBG Party Pad', the Facebook group Lizzy runs with her wife Emma, which is exclusively for their clients and an awesome place to hang out. The live course finishes on Sunday 1st April but you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials and updates.

Do you fancy joining the affiliate marketing party? Find out more and join the fun here.

A Thank You For Signing Up Through Me

And if you sign up for The Lazy Guide To Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp using my link, I’ll give you a free 30-minute session with me to chat about anything that you’re struggling with whether it’s related to feeling good while running your business or something in your business itself. Even if I’m not an expert in thing you’re struggling with, I can probably help you work out where to start… and sometimes talking it out can help put things into perspective!

If that sounds fun, click here to sign up.

I hope to see you on the journey and I'm happy to swap notes!

Big Love!

Sara x

P.S. If you’re someone who needs to check someone out before signing up, you can find more about Lizzy and the other cool stuff she does over on her website.

Over to you...

Do you use affiliate marketing in your business? Will you be joining me on the bootcamp? I love to read your tips, ideas and insights, so please share in the comments box below.

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