7 Reasons There Is Still A Place For Beautiful Stationary In A Digital World

I Love Beautiful Stationary!

So it hurt a little bit inside when I made the decision to move over from a beautiful hard cover diary to using an online calendar.

I had tried it before, and missed my diary so much that I went back to my gorgeous Paperblanks diary. It was my third double-booking in as many weeks that pushed me back towards the online function, because I found I was much more organised (and my handbag much lighter) if I had appointments in an online space that I could use on my phone.


But all is not lost!

I believe the humble (yet stunningly tactile) paper journal or diary is still a great way to help you stay organised and can easily be used in conjunction with your online calendar. Here are 7 reasons why…

  1. It feels good.
  2. Sometimes only writing (or drawing or mind-mapping) will do.
  3. There are all those fab personal development workshops and business training sessions to take notes at – you wouldn’t want to forget anything.
  4. So many of them have those handy pockets inside the back cover where you can slip business cards collected when out networking.
  5. Writing by hand somehow connects you to your heart and your core feelings in a way that typing doesn’t (if anyone knows the psychology of this please share in the comments below).
  6. For those who are more kinaesthetic (feeling and doing) in their style it can be a better way of getting stuff to stay in your head (I’m a mix of kinaesthetic and visual).
  7. There is no battery to charge.

I use a combination of online and paper. Online for planning my time. Paper for taking and making notes, brainstorming ideas, planning out bigger picture goals and giving my eyes a rest from the screen for a while. I also write my weekly and daily tasks out in a paper diary so that I can really get a feel for what’s happening when (coloured highlighters and sticky notes essential!). 

Viva beautiful stationary!

That is all.

Sara x

P.S. If you want to buy me a pressie, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful journal or notebook 🙂

Over to you...

Are you an online or offline person – and why? Do you love beautiful stationary? What’s your favourite make? What’s your favourite excuse for buying a beautiful notebook/journal/planner? Can you tell I'm excited by pretty stationary? I love to read your tips, tricks and insights, so please share in the comments box below.

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