Are you a VA?

Do you love to get down and Dirty with the nitty gritty work, but struggle with "The People Bit."

Are you struggling to put yourself out there and get the clients in... even though you know you're great at what you do?

If you would rather hidE behind your computer than go out networking, i may have the thing for you...

But it's not quite ready yet!

Behind the scenes, I'm working on something that is at present such a vague concept that I can't even tell you what it will look like, but I have three intentions...

  1. To help you to take the work out of finding new clients. I want to help great VAs find their ideal clients more easily so they can grow a sustainable business that feels good. 
  2. To help fantastic female entrepreneurs make their difference in the world by doing more of what makes them feel good (and less of what doesn't) both in their life and their business. 
  3. To connect great VA's with fantastic female entrepreneurs for the start of a beautiful - and hopefully long - working relationship together:) 

If you're a Virtual Assistant and you would like to make finding new clients easier in 2018, please fill in the expression of interest form below and I'll get in touch when I have more to share. 

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