Are you a Female Entrepreneur on the Brink of Burnout? 

Have you left the corporate world to start your own business and finally make your difference in the world, only to wonder if this is it?

I know that you didn't leave the "rat race" just to be stressed out, tired all the time, and feeling like you've just created another job for yourself (but without the steady paycheck.)

But fear not... there is a different way to do business...

Feel Good.

Work Better.

Make Your Difference.

That's the mantra of The Feel Good Business Woman, and why I created this resource.

Hi, my name is Sara Louise Fox. 

I created The Feel Good Business Woman because that's what I want you to be. I believe that feeling good will help you to make your difference in the world, because that's what will give you the energy, vitality, and resilience to see it through (it, being that work you were put on this earth to do.)

But chances are that's not what's happening in your business right now.

If you're anything like me, when you started your business, you had this beautiful vision of living the carefree, adventurous, life of an entrepreneur, where you had all the freedom you'd craved in your corporate days with a dash of glamour and travel thrown in. Of course there was a steady stream of clients, and of course everyone wanted to work with you... people would practically throwing their money at you to let you transform their lives. 

Wasn't that a beautiful dream!? Then you actually started your business.... 

And You Got Busy.. with a capital B!

But Busy was good, wasn't it?

Being Busy meant you were building a successful business. Being Busy meant you must be on the right track. After all, back in your "proper job" Being Busy was worn with a badge of honour and was respected by your colleagues.

But that's not what you dreamed of is it?

I know the feeling too... over my years of self-employment I've been on the brink of burnout on several occasions. But along the way I learnt some important strategies that helped me to reduce overwhelm and increase my sense of fulfilment and fun as I worked on and in my business.

This is the Feel Good bit! 

  • Stop working crazy hours and feel in control of your time and your to-do list to see overwhelm begin to dissolve and have some energy to spare at the end of the day;
  • Start enjoying the journey itself of being an entrepreneur working towards your divine purpose - no more waiting to feel good only after you’ve achieved that next goal.
  • Keep growing your business and helping more people so you can make your difference in the world… without feeling like you’ve had to sacrifice your body, mind and soul in the process.

So who am I and why do I care about feeling good?

My business journey in a nutshell (and it isn't all cheesy grins)...

  • I never thought I'd have my own business and I spent nearly 10 years working in marketing and communications roles in non-profit organisations before setting up my own business.
  • My entrepreneurial journey started with a deep dive into the fitness industry in 2011 - my first business was born because I started feeling good and I wanted to help others do the same.
  • I started my first business from a tiny bedroom in my parents house, which I shared with my teenage sister (and I thought being an entrepreneur was glamorous).
  • I've ridden the roller coasting during my business journey, which has included a short-lived business partnership, a few temp jobs to top up the coffers, and I even flirted with getting a "proper job" (to quote myself: "What do you mean I've got no more annual leave left?"
  • In 2015 I made a complete business change to become a Virtual Assistant, working with the same heart-centred business owners I met networking for my previous fitness business. 

So you can see that my business journey hasn't all been smooth sailing. The common theme through all of this was that I wanted to help people feel good. I knew how important this was, but I didn't always apply it in my own life...  

5 years into my entrepreneurial journey, I seemed to hit an emotional wall. On the outside I seemed fine – or that’s what I was telling people – but inside I was feeling stressed and depressed. At one point - which actually lasted a good couple of months at least - there was barely a day when I didn’t cry. So I did what any self-respecting, independent, business woman would do….

I pushed through!

I kept working, putting a brave face on it, and taking on more work than I could physically, mentally, or emotionally handle.

In the words of the great philosopher and Disney character, Dory: "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…."

But of course this couldn’t keep going forever. I eventually I made myself stop, take stock, and think about doing things differently to start turning things around – luckily I got in there before my body made me stop.

What I noticed was that it was the little things that made a difference. For example:

  • I actually told someone how I felt and what I was experiencing.
  • I started going for short jogs or walks in the mornings having neglected my own physical health despite my fitness knowledge. 
  • I began alternating my beloved business and self-help books with novels just to give my brain (and inner-over-achiever) a rest.
  • I re-acquainted myself with green vegetables and water.
  • I started moving my body in the ways that brought me most joy - dance and yoga. ​
  • I started doing short meditations again.

Then one day I realised that I hadn’t cried for a week - which was a very big deal at the time.

I also realised something… that as I felt better, my business started doing better. As a Virtual Assistant my business was based on me turning up, doing the work, and doing it well. In this role the amount of time I worked determined the amount of money in my bank account.

Funnily enough it’s a whole lot easier to work on and in your business when you are feeling good!

I became more productive, more focused, and made better decisions. And I simply enjoyed life and business more, feeling happier and healthier (and a lot more fun to be around I'm sure!)

As the fog of exhaustion cleared, I realised this was a pattern that went back to my days of having a “proper job.”

My performance and personal life had thrived when I was working out regularly, studying something I enjoyed, doing salsa classes and other things that made me feel good.

When I did nothing but work, work, work, the opposite happened.

But my old job (and all the jobs I ever had) had been based on working hard, and if things got tough you worked even harder – putting in more hours and energy to try and “fix” things”. And I brought those old habits with me into my businesses.

Maybe you have done the same – leaving your old corporate life but bringing with you your corporate habits and work mentality. To top it all off …

  • There are no office opening hours to shape your day.
  • There is no paid annual leave to take.
  • There are no colleagues to take lunch breaks with, and have a good natter (and mini-counselling session) with.

So you work....

And when things get tough you think “I must work harder.”

You switch into autopilot ("just keep swimming") and it’s not until your body makes you stop that your memory kicks in and you think “Oh yes, I’ve been here before!”

Well I’m on a mission to help you to stop swimming in circles so that you can come up for air, take a breath, and be the feel good business woman who enjoys the journey and gets the work done. If that sounds good to you, you can start with my 12 Daily Rituals for more energy and focus in your day.

Feel Good & Work Better with my
12 Daily Rituals for More Energy & Focus.