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3 Ways To Feel Good In 3 Minutes (Or Less)

“I just don’t have the time.”

This is the #1 objection I hear from female entrepreneurs when I ask about doing the things that feel good. But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t always need to take lots of time to give yourself a lift, refocus yourself, and start feeling better.

A quick fix might be just what you need, especially on those days where you are stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted, but stopping completely isn’t an option because there’s still lots more to get done before the end of the day and you’re on a deadline. When you find yourself in these situations, I recommend a three-minute pause to just shift your state (physical and mental) and reset yourself.

Here are three ways to feel good in 3 minutes (or less), all of which have been proven to reduce stress and boost the feel-good chemicals and hormones in your body. But I know you’re short on time, so I won’t get into the “science bit” today.


#1 - Breathe

Right now! I’d like you to focus on your breathing. Take a slow, deep breath in – filling your lungs and belly - then pause for a second or two at the top, now exhale slowly until all the air is expelled, with another pause at the end of the out breath. Repeat two more times. Feel a bit calmer and more centred? Great!

Taking just a few minutes – or even three deep, focused, breaths – can just help bring you out of your head where all that stressing is happening and back into your body.

Let it go!

I like to imagine that I’m inhaling what I want or need and exhaling whatever I am experiencing right then that isn't serving me, letting it go.  

Inhale calm, exhale stress. Inhale love, exhale anger. Inhale light, exhale negativity. Or whatever it is for you.

#2 - Take A Dance Break

Put on one of your favourite songs and dance it out. If you find yourself slumped over your computer, that physical state won’t help you to get unstuck or out of whatever stress of overwhelm you’re in.

Like buy one, get one free deal, you get a double-whammy because you not only get the benefit of moving your body, music itself has a therapeutic effect too.

Don’t want to dance? Shake it out instead.

One of my favourite things to do which immediately revives my energy and mood is to put on Florence and the Machine’s “Shake it out” and just shaking my whole body – imagining all the stress and tiredness leaving my body. It scared Mr Fox a bit when he walked in on me doing this the first time, but he got over it

#3 - Try Speed Gratitude

When you feel stressed and overwhelmed, you are probably focusing on the negative or what you don’t have or what you haven't got done yet. Switching that focus to what’s good in your life for a few minutes helps to put things in perspective and remind you that things aren’t that bad after all. 

Get out a journal or just a sheet of paper, set a timer for three minutes, and write down as many things as you can in that time. Make it as specific as possible.

What are you grateful for? 

On some days you need to go back to basics, like the roof over your head. At other times you might get all creative and poetic. It's all good. Just write what you feel.  

Maybe you’re glad that the sun is shining and creating a beautiful light in the room or the rain is watering the flowers in your garden. You might be grateful for the beautiful journal you’re writing in or the bottle of champagne in the fridge. You could give thanks for the smell of your child’s hair or for the fact that they’ve gone to school so you have some peace and quiet. There are no rules, just express your gratitude through your pen/pencil and notice how your feel afterwards

What Feels Good To You? 

Those are my top three feel-good “quick-fixes,” what are yours? We’re all individual so what makes me feel good may be totally different to what works for you. So whether these ideas resonate with you or not, I hope that it's given you a bit of inspiration to sprinkle some feel-good factor throughout your day. 

For more ideas on ways to feelgood and have more energy in your day, download my 12 Daily Rituals here.  

Over to you...

Do you have any "quick-fixes" that help you pick yourself up when you're feeling down or stressed or stuck? I love to read your tips, tricks and insights, so please share in the comments box below.

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