Sara Louise Fox

You might call me a "multipreneur", you might call me multi-passionate, but as different as they seem my offerings have one thing in common - they are grounded in a belief that everyone (including you) deserves to enjoy the freedom of being who you really are and doing what you really love. ‚Äč

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Sara Louise Fox - Freemind Hypnotherapist & Content & Community Support

Content and Community Management for Coaches Speakers & Authors.

  • Would you love to get all that creative content you work so hard on seen by your community "as if by magic"?
  • How would you like to know that the "techie bit" of getting your blog and social media content online was simply sorted? 
  • What about having a dedicated "Community Happiness Manager" to give your tribe the love and attention it deserves?

Rediscover your "inner sparkle" with Freemind Hypnotherapy & Facilitation:

  • Free your mind of the subconscious blocks that stop you living and loving life fully. 
  • Free yourself from feelings of overwhelm or "stuckness" and get back to the real you.
  • Learn tools that you can apply in your everyday life so that, even when life isn't easy, you know you can survive and even thrive! 
  • Enjoy more peace, power and purpose in your life.

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