Are You an Entrepreneurial Woman on the Cusp of Change?

I'd love to help you navigate change in your business and life
with clarity, confidence and courage.

“I am able to move forward feeling lighter, more focused and ready to take on what I set out for myself,
whatever that involves.”  Tara Jackson, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Writer & Artist.

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This call will be an exploration of where you are now, where you want to be, and how you might get there. 

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Is it time to step up, step out, or make a change in your business....
but something's stopping you? 

Change can trigger thoughts, feelings and behaviours that hold you back from going ahead and seeing things through in the best way for you. I’ve seen it time and time again, and I’ve been working with women in business in different ways since 2011.

Change can be exciting, but it can also be scary, especially to that primal part of every human that believes that change is a bad or dangerous thing. And when we were cave-women, change probably wasn’t great – a change in the weather, wildlife, people, or resources around us could be deadly.

Individually we also have memories of times when change has been a bad thing, this might have been an unpleasant experience of changing schools, moving home, or seeing our parents struggle or split up. Or there may have been a time when you put yourself out there in some way, only to be “shot down” by the adults or peers in your life.

But you want to make this change.... so why would you be scared?

These memories may be buried deep, but a part of you remembers.

And that part of you can’t tell the difference between those old, very real threats, and the changes you are about to make – or are in the process of making – in your life and business. It’s trying to protect you because it’s simply scared that those same old feelings or circumstances will come up again!

You may not be consciously thinking “this is scary” but these limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs around change will be showing up in your life in very real and tangible ways. For example....

  • Self-sabotage in all its forms.
  • Not being able to get past a certain income ceiling.
  • Procrastination on the truly important work.
  • Not looking after your health, which is draining the energy, focus and life-force you need to take your business forward or simply enjoy life.
  • Wanting to take a specific action in your business but something’s stopping you... and you can’t quite put your finger on it.
  • A very specific fear. For example, public speaking, being visible, being seen on video, being rejected, being judged, failing, succeeding or anything else required in growing your business.
  • Getting caught up in “busyness” and feeling like you can’t stop being busy for long enough to do what you really need to do for your business. 
  • Not charging enough and/or resisting putting your prices up.
  • Working in ways that you don’t enjoy (and that don’t get you results).
  • Shiny object syndrome  - always buying another course, or signing up for another qualification.

Do any of those sound familiar? Or has something else popped into your head?

These behaviours are all very natural reactions to that small, scared part of yourself that doesn’t want you to step up, step out and make a change, because it thinks there’s danger waiting for you.

But all is not lost! You can clear these blocks so that these behaviours dissolve and allow you to move forward with clarity, confidence and courage. 

And I'd love to help you...


Get clear on what's holding you back and clear the way so you can take the best next step in the right direction.


Nurture the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that will create a mindset to carry you forward as you make your change in the world. 


Re-connect to the universal energy that is inside all of us giving you the resilience and support to move forward with purpose.

Writing Another To-Do List Won't Work

If you're anything like me, you'll have spent a small fortune on business coaching and courses, created plans, mindmaps and vision boards worthy of the Tate Modern, and written hundreds of to-do lists both online and on paper.

The thing is that if that part of you that is terrified of change isn't nurtured, she'll freak out and throw a tantrum in one of the ways listed above, and all that learning, coaching, planning and listing will go to waste.... and I hate to see a good list go to waste! 

I've tried this many times in the past but it's not until I've done the mindset work at a subconscious level that I've seen real movement in the right direction - whether it's been starting a business, making a shift in my business, or stepping up in my business.

And when that happens, it makes moving forward much easier and more fun!

And it's the same for the women I've worked with. During a session they often connect with a long forgotten or neglected part of themselves that needs to be nurtured and brought along for the ride. This then lays the groundwork for movement forward and the real change can take place.

As a Freemind Hypnotherapist and Facilitator, I help my clients to connect in with that part of themselves to shift limiting beliefs, replace them with positive beliefs and go forward with a sense of purpose. My work is embedded in the 3 Freemind Pillars of Success and Happiness:

Sara Louise Fox is a Freemind Hypnotherapist & Facilitator
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    Pillar 1 - Peace. This involves getting in touch with those deep parts of yourself that are holding onto limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours. This will allow you to enjoy feelings of grace and gratitude and move forward with an air of calm and compassion. This is where you see real clarity. This lays the groundwork for Pillar 2...
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    Pillar 2 - Power. Once we’ve deprogrammed those unhelpful parts that were holding you back, we’ll focus on reprogramming your subconscious mind with empowering thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours to replace the old, unhelpful, patterns. This will help create feelings of flow and fulfilment so that you can step up and out with confidence and even charisma as you make the change you want to make in your business and the world.
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    Pillar 3 - Purpose. This is about reconnecting to a more universal perspective – that sense that we are all connected to each other and this life force that we are all a part of. This generates feelings of love and connection so that you can go out into the world with passion, playfulness and courage.

Would you like to move forward in your business with more
Clarity, Confidence & Courage?

This is the key to choosing the right tools and techniques you come across on your business journey work for you. Because when you are in your peace, power and purpose, you have the clarity to go on the right direction, the confidence to choose the inspired action that is right for you, and the courage to step up and out in a way you might previously have thought possible.

This is about turning your possibilities into reality.

My aim is to help you dissolve the beliefs that you can't make the change you want to make, then we build your belief that you can, and finally connect with the greater purpose that will be the driving force for your business, so that you move forward with ease and have fun in the process. 

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The first step is to have a Free Clarity Call with me.

Let's get started: The intention of the Clarity Call is just that... to help you get real clarity on your forward journey.

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    Get clear on what's stopping you from taking the next step in your business. 
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    Connect into your vision for your business... and life.
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    Make a decision on the next best step for you, whatever that might be. 
Sara Louise Fox, The Feel Good Business Woman

If (and only if) it feels like we might be a good fit to work together, then we’ll also talk about how we can do that….

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Lovely things people have said about working with me:

"I am able to move forward feeling lighter, more focused and ready to take on what I set out for myself whatever that involves."

"My work with Sara was focused on some blocks and resistance I was feeling to growing my business. I went really deep in the sessions and connected with a part of me that was scared of being judged and also afraid of failure. The sessions made me realise I need to look after myself more and stop feeling like I ‘should’ have achieved a certain level by this point, it’s totally fine to be where I am at on my own journey. It then felt right to take some time away from my business, which I don’t think I would have done before the session with Sara. Now, having done that, I have been approached for a number of potential collaborations and opportunities which I had put feelers out for a while ago – so things are moving along without as much pushing, which is really exciting!

Sara is great at helping you to go deep into the issue or area you are looking at and her calming nature is so supportive, you feel completely held while you journey into whatever comes up. My sessions had me revisiting my inner child at different periods in my life and forging a new connection and level of compassion and understanding with this part of me, so that I am able to move forward feeling lighter, more focused and ready to take on what I set out for myself whatever that involves. Thank you so much!"

Tara Jackson, Holistic Health and Wellness Coach


Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, Writer & Artist

"Sara's beautiful voice will guide you on a journey of self discovery and healing..."

"Sara is a wonderful hypnotherapist deeply connected to her inner knowing. Listening to her allowed me to go beyond the conscious and meet the fears and doubts that have been hiding for a very long time. Sara's beautiful voice will guide you on a journey of self discovery and healing. Thank you for being such a strong, holding person xxx"

Katarzyna Rutkowska-Parkes, Life Alignment Practitioner and Teacher, Energy Healer

Katarzyna Rutkowska-Parkes

Life Alignment Practitioner and Teacher, Energy Healer

Book Your Free, No Obligation, Clarity Call!

This call will be an exploration of where you are now, where you want to be, and how you might get there. 

"I felt very held and safe. It was a great experience."

"A couple of months ago I had a series of hypnotherapy sessions with Sara. It’s been a few years since I was in a relationship, and although I’ve been happy single, I feel like I’ve been ready for a new relationship for a while, but it just wasn’t happening. I was quite phobic about dating and I wanted to see if there was something in my unconscious stopping me from taking any significant action. 

During our sessions we explored various themes. Unexpectedly we discovered and cleared a traumatic past life that felt so real, which I can see has negatively influenced my whole life in regards to relationships, feeling safe and sexuality. We also cleared some stuff around body issues, and focused on creating and imprinting a new picture of what I’d like to manifest.

I’m feeling so much more relaxed about dating now, and feeling like it could be a lot of fun! I’m actually off to a singles night with a friend tonight, and yesterday I put up my first profile on a dating app! So small steps, but it’s going in the right direction! Sara has a lovely calming voice... and I felt very held and safe. It was a great experience. Thank you Sara xx"

NOTE FROM SARA: So, I know this isn't strictly a business change, but it was a change for this client, so I wanted to share because she said such lovely things - and you never know what's going to come up in a session, even if you think you want to talk about business!

Anonymous Testimonial


Coach & Healer

Frequently Asked
Questions & Comments

The word "hypnotherapy" brings up a lot of pre-conceived ideas and perceptions, and not everyone is familiar with the idea of a Clarity Call, so here are some of the most common questions and comments I've heard so far. If you have a question that's not listed, please email me at

"I don't want to be sold to, will this Clarity Call just be a sales pitch?"

The majority of the call will be about exploring your challenges, your vision for the future and helping you identify the next best step for you. I'll only share how I could help you if I believe we'd be a good fit to work together and if you're happy for me to do so. And even then the choice is always yours of course. 

"How long will the Clarity Call be?"

I'll aim to keep the call around 60 minutes, but these calls can often get you thinking, so you might want to schedule in a bit of time afterwards for reflection or journalling time, or to ask me extra questions. 

"Will there be any hypnotherapy involved in the Clarity Call?"

Your Clarity Call won't involve any hypnotherapy. I'll simply be facilitating the conversation to help you to get more clarity on where you are, where you want to be and how you want to get there.

"Mmm... I'm not sure about this hypnotherapy stuff. Will I still be in control?"

If you did decide to work with me, our sessions wouldn't even need to include hypnosis if you don't want them to, as I am a Freemind Facilitator as well as a hypnotherapist. Facilitation is simply a loving style of coaching/mentoring that guides you through the three pillars I described above - peace, power and purpose.

To facilitate is simply to make something easier, so the purpose would be to help you make the transition you want to make easier, smoother and more fun! 

Some of the very women who've given testimonials on this page had previously said they wouldn't want to do hypnotherapy, and we ended up having some magical sessions (I explain more about it below). 

Thanks to the dramatics of stage hypnotists, there's a common misconception that the hypnotherapist is in control, but that's not the case. In reality, I could never make you do anything you don't want to do so you would be in total control of yourself. Though you never know what memories, feelings and internal images may come up for you because the subconscious mind is a magical place - that's one of the things I find so exciting about this work!

"What is hypnotherapy anyway?"

"Hypnosis is any process by which you access and influence the subconscious mind." (Tom Fortes-Mayor, 'What is Hypnosis'). 

My teacher likes to describe hypnotherapy as "The art of the perfect day." 

In a hypnotherapy session, we simply go on an exploratory inner-journey from a place of deep relaxation, which allows you to more easily access the subconscious mind which has been storing up all your experiences so far in life, making meaning from them, and trying to protect you from anything potentially scary (like change and transition).

By accessing this subconscious part of you, shifts can happen faster because it becomes you tap into the root cause beneath the challenges and obstacles that are keeping you stuck and preventing you from being happy. 

If you've tried all the positive thinking and law of attraction stuff but something's not shifting, there's probably a subconscious belief, thought or emotion that is getting in the way. So even though your conscious mind wants you to be happy and successful, your subconscious mind is not on the same page. Hynotherapy can help you to work out why that is and to shift it at the subconscious level, so that your conscious and subconscious thoughts come into alignment

Book Your Free, No Obligation, Clarity Call!

This call will be an exploration of where you are now, where you want to be, and how you might get there. 

"If we could get your subconscious mind to agree with your conscious mind about being happy, that’s when your positive thoughts work.”  Bruce Lipton

I'd love to help you make that happen. I can't wait to speak to you. 

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P.S.: For sessions booked and taken before the end of August, I'll be making an extra special offer for working with me so book in your Clarity Call now! I can't wait to see you. 

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